Se Blake Leives Hairstylist Opret en Updo uden en enkelt Bobby Pin

Vi har alle været der; You go for pulling your hair up in a ponytail with the one hair band you’ve packed for you-you wear on your wrist all day – and just like that, snaps it. And of course, because the hair bands end up in the same alternative reality as socks do, that’s the only one you had. Mænd ikke freak out-Blake Lives frisør Rod Ortega har lige fyldt os på en af ​​de mest spilskiftende hårhår vi nogensinde har hørt.

Stadig i dette hotelværelse? Grib syetsættet. Some of the best hair tools out there are not traditional hair tools at all. Ortega says that you can use thread to seamlessly to ensure a messy braid or create an unbowed topknot in a few minutes.

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Hold øje med Ortega, give it a try and copy it to yourself the next time you want to create a hairstyle that’s free of bobby pins or hair bands, or maybe when you just have no other options.